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Sam ~ Pink Agate Silver Ring

Sam ~ Pink Agate Silver Ring

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CHAKRA: Root and heart 


Size 6

Agate is an ancient healer and is renowned for her earthly energy.

She has the power to balance the good/bad, light/dark, yin/yang in our life.

A stone for our lower chakras that provides essential grounding and anchoring to Mother Earth.

Pink Agate is coloured and this benefits us with colour therapy as well as her natural crystal vibrations. I write about this very subject in my book “Walk in Beauty” Kelli Brooker.

Rise your Kundalini and feel love and desire, wearing her by your heart attracts all the universal goodness toward you 

Healing properties include:

Easing anxiety, providing stability, self confidence and protection 

Samantha is a local metalsmith here on the Sunshine Coast and we are so happy to do this collaboration. Her work is contemporary, high quality & created using the most beautiful minerals and stones from around the world. All set in Sterling silver .925.





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