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SaS Coconut Candle ~ Protection

SaS Coconut Candle ~ Protection

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 These candles are in polished coconut shells


All natural ingredients 

Use this blend for manifesting, meditation and grounding with earthy protection 

Each has been anointed with SaS’s custom blend of crystals, oils and herbs, the aroma and visual appeal of these hand made creations is just out of this world!

But please resist the temptation to lick them, even though they are delicious… 

Use your candle on your Altar space for spells and manifesting, or place them in any room for instant Magick and ambience to relax with 

You receive one candle as displayed, they will vary slightly being handmade individually 

Please note that slight yellowing of the candle wax will and does occur, climate and simply being in the air causes this reaction.

This is completely normal and is expected. It does not impact the crystals within nor the aroma and burning of these gorgeous candles! 

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