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Sausserite Freeform

Sausserite Freeform

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CHAKRA : Heart

weight: 233gms

height: 77mm

width: 47mm

This pretty green soothing stone is often confused with Jade, but is different energy wise

Saussurite has the following inclusions being Zoisite, Epidote and Albite which give the green hues of mottly colour spectrum

This stone resonates with our Heart Chakra and allows us to feel emotionally balanced

Using it helps is transform away from feelings of negativity and also brings confidence to our persona

Metaphysically Healing for releasing fears, inducing calm to our mindset and providing harmony and peace

A perfect stone to keep in your living room, to help unwind in the evening and remove stress triggers from your day

In the bedroom it will induce serenity and feelings of tranquility which is perfect for sleep



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