Scolecite Healing Wand

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Crown

weight: 111gms

length: 105mm or 4 inches

width: 33mm

tapers to: 12mm

To use a crystal wand for healing you may do any of the following:

-  for directing energy inward use the smaller rounded end toward the body

- to draw energy out use the widest point toward the body

- use for massage on any body part (yoni included) for relief of tension or muscle knots

- touch each chakra to instil energy flow and positivity 

- healing wands gather and direct energy and transfer the energy of their crystal type

- set your intention or blessing if using in meditation or blessings

- set your wand in your left receiving hand for Universal healing, love and light

- hold with the smallest point inward to the body to receive the energies

- if you have a negativity build up or problem reverse the wand to draw stagnant energies away from you and out into the universe to harmlessly dissipate

Cleanse with organic soap and water after massage use 

This wand has no sharp edges and is smoothly polished to be gentle on any body area

This is a peaceful tranquil crystal that brings energies to all that hold and touch it

This is great if you suffer insomnia and need peaceful sleep

Great for healers and to send absent healing to those needed

Metaphysically healing for circulation, nervous system and increasing mobility