Selenite Charging Plate

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CHAKRA: Crown and Sacral


weight: 289gms

height: 30mm

width: 80mm

These are wonderful smooth plates perfect for charging smaller crystals or tumbles on, it has an even polished surface 

Named after the Greek goddess Selene , this crystal is a high vibration

Great for meditation and focus 

Placed on your window sill it will keep evil and lower energies away 

A stone of lunar and gentle energies which cleanses our aura of negative energy

Aids peaceful sleep and brings harmony to your surrounds

Recharge under the full Moon to enhance the high vibrations and make it glow with energy

Metaphysical healing for fertility, hormones and balancing hormones

Do not get your selenite wet as it will eventually dissolve due to its make up of over 70% water

Selenite brings clarity of mind with higher understanding and connects us with Angelic realms