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Arizona Shattuckite Silver Pendant

Arizona Shattuckite Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Throat and Third eye

Height: 51mm

Width: 26mm

This gorgeous stone has been used by the Native Americans in Arizona as lucky talisman for healing and love

This stone brings wisdom and protection from entities from other spiritual realms

Use it during meditation to open new paths of spiritual growth and to interpret information that flows through

Shattuckite helps you express emotions and feelings to loved ones

With energy to facilitate clear communication, wear this when you want to be heard at work or at home

Magicakal Aspect of this gorgeous stone is she helps the automatic writing process!

Hold a green or blue pen in your opposite hand and see what messages you receive

Metaphysically Healing for arthritis, inflammation and helping the ears, nose and throat areas. Especially if they are infected or swollen

Genuine .925 sterling Silver 

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