Shoushan Stone Healing Anklet ~ PEACE WITH HARMONY



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CHAKRA : Throat, Heart and Crown

8mm beads on elastic 

9 inches diameter

This pretty stone links our mind, body and spirit as one for the best possible outcomes

It encourages us to remain peaceful and to live without anger and hostility 

Shoushan Stone comes in many pretty patterns and tones and originates from Fujinan Provinance in China 

Some carry or wear the stone as a protective amulet, whilst others draw from the serenity it offers

With gentle vibrations and pastel tones, it has the ability to soothe anxiety and ease irritability just from placing it in contact with your skin

Wearing during meditation offers a very Zen like experience and you may find it helps settle your mind chatter more quickly than usual

Metaphysically healing for emotions, mindset and reducing stress from your body 

You receive one anklet  chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful