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Shungite Raw Tumble Stones

Shungite Raw Tumble Stones

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This is a powerhouse crystal that everyone should have in their collection for perfect health and healing energy

Shungite originates from Russia and is over 2 billion years old

Our Shungite is imported by us from our trusted Russian supplier and contains a guaranteed 50 to 90% carbon content 

There are 3 grades available and the highest Elite grade contains at least 98% carbon, it has a more silvery appearance like hematite, this is usually smaller and cannot be shaped into various forms

Lowest form is 30 to 50% organic carbon content, this is a lighter grey and more rock looking

Shungite is a high vibration, clearing and balancing stone, it is world renowned for its many health bringing metaphysical properties

It is a grounding and very protective energy, that is perfect when used whilst meditating

It is a natural antioxidant that absorbs harmful substances from our environment and daily life

It holds strong cleansing, purifying and detoxifying properties

EMF's are also absorbed by this crystal when they are placed beside them, it’s acts as a shield for harmful emissions 

This amazing stone works by clearing and aligning our body particles, for all over healing allowing light rays to flow through us, for optimum health

By placing a few tumble stones on your body during a crystal healing session, it will allow you to align yourself, and provides a much needed energy boost

Shungite is wonderful for relieving stress, anxiety and easing insomnia 

This Stone is widely used for crystal water in Russia everyday due to the health bringing qualities

If you use a tumble stone/s to make your own elixir, please ensure it is thoroughly clean and genuine Shungite, it is best not polished

When handling your Shungite, you may get a slight residue on your skin,  this is normal due to the carbon 

Metaphysically it is healing for boosting the immune system, headaches, restoring harmony, easing digestive problems and delivering antibacterial properties 

Tumble Stones are perfect sizes for carrying close to your body, in your bag, placing under your pillow or even your bra

At night kept beside your bed or under your pillow, allows you to receive healing as your mind and body are relaxed

Placed by your digital clock or phone is even better protection against emfs during the night

You receive one Tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you 

It is a normal and natural occurence to get black powdery residue on your fingers when handling!

This is a wonderful indicator that it’s real and it’s the carbon content. 




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