Sigil Protection Amulet Black Jasper Stones ~ Set of 6 with velvet pouch


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These beautifully etched Black Jasper Palm Stones feature 6 Sigils

Black Jasper empowers you to make powerful choices and change

In folklore it’s believed to protect against harm and curses

Look towards future pathways by holding your jasper by candlelight, allow thoughts or images to flow 

Magical Aspect this stone helps you realise those who are fake around you, and those whom are trustworthy

Metaphysically healing for pain, stomach issues, restoring strength after illness and protecting against radiotherapy treatments

Sigals are ancient symbols/letters that are believed to hold Magickal powers

Use them similar to Runes or choose one intuitively each day for protection

There are many varied meanings to each symbol and they all vary slightly, these are based on my knowledge 

The Sigils used feature the following:

Wheel - this highlights the eight festivals of Wicca throughout the seasons

 Healing - this heals the mind, body and spirit of illness 

Wrath Guardian - this protects against wrath and stops strife

Guardian - this is a Runic Cross which protects from evil energies

Security - this wards off negative forces and protects its keeper from enemies

Love - this attracts love to the carrier and keeper 

You receive one velvet pouch with 6 sigils as shown 

Please bless and protect yourself and your Stones before each ritual and casting 

They require regular charging and cleansing like all crystals

Please note these stones are not perfectly smooth, they are natural jasper with a polished surface and they do have some surface inclusions/smoothed cracks

This is not a fault but the nature of crystals being actual rocks! 

You receive one pouch chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful