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Australian Doublet Opal ~ Silver Necklace

Australian Doublet Opal ~ Silver Necklace

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CHAKRA: Root, Throat and Third Eye

Chain length: 40cm with adjustable links

These beautiful Australian Opals have the brightest milky flashes, green and pink and opalescent colourings

This natural stone connects us with Mother Earth and is great used as a charm and for developing our psychic intuition and spiritual self

Wear or carry a piece of this gorgeous stone if you work in spiritual and holistic fields or have an online New Age business (yes I wear a pair of these earrings) it may assist financial survival

Metaphysically Healing for skin wounds, eyesight, burns, dietary intolerances and IBS

Magickal Aspect ~  this is a stone connected with power and indigenous cultures within Australia and Native North America hold it sacred

Use it to connect with nature and Earth spirits by holding or wearing some outside

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

This necklace is just beautiful!

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