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Blue Owyhee Opal Serenity ~ Silver Necklace

Blue Owyhee Opal Serenity ~ Silver Necklace

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This gorgeous necklace is 40cm with adjustable links

Blue Owyhee Opal originates in Oregon USA, from Sacred Indian Springs

It is a beautifully nurturing stone to wear

Accredited with evoking spirituality in her wearer and helping us connect with the higher Spirits of the Universe

Wear to enhance angelic connections or connection with Guides

The energies of this opal are known to bring happiness along with happy moments and dreams

Blue Owyhee smooths life transitions and changes

Wear to bring peace, harmony and to soothe any stress you may be carrying

Use to gain clarity, and confidence and remain focused

Metaphysically healing for inflammation and throat irritations, providing clarity of mind

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver


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