Single Wrap ~ Crazy Lace Agate



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CHAKRA: Throat and Third Eye

This bracelet is made of deep chocolate brown leather with tumbled semi precious stones threaded through. It features the choice of three openings for sizing which the button slips into.

Alternately you may wear as a soft neck choker

It is lovely soft leather and smells divine!

Crazy Lace is named the laughter stone, as it’s associated with Mexican fiestas, fun and brings joy to those who wear or hold it 

It is great for energy boosts and regulating your daily energy levels

Provides protective Vibes from negative energies in your surrounds and prevents you getting spooked

Metaphysically healing for skin disorders, varicose veins and blood circulation

Helps you overcome low self esteem and phobias

Keep a piece with you to ward of the Evil Eye and keep your surrounds positive 

Do not wet leather as quality may be affected over time.