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Raw Crystal Soap/Lotion Dispenser ~ Blue Quartz

Raw Crystal Soap/Lotion Dispenser ~ Blue Quartz

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CHAKRA: Throat, Third Eye and Crown 

ELEMENT: Water and Air 

Weight: 1.3kgs

Height: 180mm

Width: 80mm

Heal your hands or hair with crystal infused goodness with every wash!

These dispensers feature natural Blue Quartz to make your home decor radiate peace & harmony

These may be used for liquid soap, shampoo/conditioner and even body lotion…

Blue Quartz has all the qualities of clear quartz and more

It is a calming and soothing stone that protects us from any negativity

It is good for psychic ability and healing emotional issues 

Metaphysically healing for our immune system and boosting it, nausea, thyroid issues and helping fatigue

Blue coloured crystals open and soothe our Throat Chakra for communication

They also bring a cooling energy to our bodies and some types have antiseptic qualities, that are wonderful for sore throats and fevers

You receive one dispenser chosen intuitively for you

Please pump dispensers gently! They will take a few goes, to pump the soap out.



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