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Organic SOULFUL AWAKENING ©️ Flowering Tea Balls (x4)

Organic SOULFUL AWAKENING ©️ Flowering Tea Balls (x4)

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SOULFUL AWAKENING blooming tea balls are always a crowd pleaser due to the beautiful flower blooming right before your eyes!

Ingredients: Marigold, Jasmine and Globe Amaranth flowers, High Quality Silver Needle White Tea

This delicate blend of blooming tea balls has the most lovely flavour with a subtle hint of floral that’s both refreshing and relaxing. If your looking for a tea that not only tastes heavenly but looks like it too, Soulful Awakening blooming tea balls is the answer....

You receive 4 blooming tea balls

How to make the perfect cup of SOULFUL AWAKENING:

Serving Suggestion: one tea ball
Brewing: Place one tea ball in anywhere from 250ml - 1litre of water, brewed at 90 degrees for 5-10 minutes, strain and serve

Tip: Flowering Tea balls taste divine when chilled (even feel free to add a few ice cubes), especially on a hot Summer's day. You can use one bloomed tea ball up to three times within 48 hours! Simply place your bloomed tea ball in a jug/cup of water and keep it in the fridge overnight 

All glass tea jars have been sterilised for your convenience :) 

SOULFUL AWAKENING BLOOMING TEA BALLS come in individually sealed foil packages for freshness. It’s important not to remove your blooming tea ball from this foil pouch unless you are going to drink it.

These beautiful blooming tea balls range from pink, yellow, green, and white...I cannot see what coloured tea balls are given to you as the petals of the flower are bound tightly in the tea ball itself...but this only adds to the excitement of what coloured flower unfolds and blooms before your eyes! Each blooming tea ball is intuitively chosen for you and each and every flower is unique and beautiful.

To ensure your organic tea balls stay fresh and delicious, keep jar out of direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place. All glass tea jars have been sterilised.

~ To make your tea experience all the more wonderful, we’ve infused each and every tea jar with
Reiki Healing and Crystal energy!

Reiki is a beautiful Japanese Healing energy that is in our Universe always. Being a Reiki Master I channel this pure energy through myself as vessel and transfer it to objects, people, places or even plants. The beauty of Reiki is that it is effective from a distance or using a hands on approach. Be open and thankful to the healing it shares with you and know that your Higher Spirit Guides and the Universe send this healing to where you require it most. ~

With the included crystal I cleanse, charge and programme each with Native White Sage Smudging & Reiki. They all may be cleansed and programmed by you when required. ~ Kelli

SOULFUL AWAKENING is programmed with an intuitively chosen Mini Moonstone Generator 

Rainbow Moonstone is magickal for: new beginnings, goddess energy, spiritual growth, emotions, fertility, lucid dreaming, sleep, psychic development

Important note: Please do not place your Mini Moonstone Generator in your blooming tea. The crystal is not meant to be boiled or ingested, it’s programmed to infuse your tea in the jar before drinking. 

If your pregnant or have underlying health conditions, please consult with your doctor before consuming.

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