Spirit Guides & Past Life



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IMPORTANT - Upon booking your tarot reading, it is your responsibility to email me promptly with the following details Full Name + Birthdate as I pride myself on providing my tarot readings as soon as possible to my clients (within 10 working days of purchase) and in order of booking purchase so it is fair.


Now, let’s learn what is involved in this reading option!

Let's welcome this beautiful tarot spread SPIRIT GUIDES & PAST LIFE I have created, so 1-2 tarot cards will be intuitively drawn and you will gain guidance on the following points:

1st part of the reading - Spirituality and Spirit Guides

  • How to develop your spiritual gifts/expand your spiritual growth

  • What is blocking you from developing spiritually?

  • How to connect more deeply with your Spirit Guides

  • Insight about your Spirit Guides (any details about their energy, characteristics, gender, traits) that may come through and any messages, advice, warnings, or insight they may have for you (this may be present or future based)

    2nd part of the reading - Past Life (one particular past life will come through and be focused on for your reading, and this will come through from your Spirit Guides and tarot reveal at random)

  • Who were you in a past life e.g. (any characteristics, gender, age, or personality traits that come through from your Guides)

  • What energy surrounded you in this particular past life

  • What karmic energy did you bring into this life from your past life

  • What will be a lesson you learn during this lifetime

  • What was your life purpose in your past life e.g. (any random details may come through ranging from - if you had any talents, what job you did, were you a parent, artistic, brave, healthy etc. this is just an example of the possible details that may come through) 

I created this two-part intuitive tarot spread because I feel many people will benefit by connecting more deeply with their spiritual nature and Spirit Guides. Spirituality has changed my life dramatically and has helped develop my intuition, precognitive dreaming, and working with my spirit animal. 

I have a deep fascination with Past Lives and have had a couple of meditative visions in which I saw myself in past lives. Although this reading cannot be 'proven scientifically' I am completely honest, authentic, and genuine and promise you that everything I pass onto you from your Spirit Guides and tarot reveals about your past life, is 100% truthful.

TO RECAP, the following details you need to email through for your reading to commence ahead are:

  • Full name (first and surname) + Birthdate (dd/mm/yy) 

  • My email address is: taylarpaige102@gmail.com




    A little insight about me and how I conduct my tarot readings :)

    I’m a deeply spiritual person and began my tarot reading journey back in 2017, after receiving numerous synchronicity and signs from the Universe, which led me on this beautiful path of providing tarot readings for hundreds of clients!

    I conduct my tarot readings ‘intuitively’ which means, I use tarot symbology as a guiding tool to prompt the reading, but allow my intuition, Spirit Guides and the connection I share with my client, to reveal the insight, messages, answers and guidance that needs to be revealed.

    I am internationally accredited with a certification in Tarot Reading, which I studied extensively for. The reason I sought to “certify” my natural intuitive ability, is because I felt compelled to extend my tarot knowledge to the highest point I possibly could to ensure peace of mind for my clients that indeed I'm an honest, dedicated, authentic and genuine reader.

    I am 100% HONEST with my tarot readings and write exactly what Spirit and the symbology passes onto me, as I believe it’s incredibly important to offer a genuine and credible service to clients. And of course, every tarot reading and emails shared between my clients and myself, is completely confidential :)

    Regarding “yes or no” answers, I will do my best to answer these and sometimes the answer is incredibly clear and other times Spirit will highlight that no “set in stone” answer can be provided, as the future is uncertain.


    DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to have medical knowledge and any readings focusing on health or pregnancy, should not be replaced by the advice of a medical practitioner.

    ~ I am not a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones.

    ~ I can see into future events within a 12 -14 month radius, but cannot foresee extensive years ahead (The future is ever-changing, and a reminder that one decision you make can influence the outcome of events).