Pink Obsidian Elephant



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weight: 55gms

height: 40mm

width: 40mm

Crystal Power Animals amplify their crystal type

We are all said to have a spirit/totem animal who brings us instinctive strength when needed

Spirit Elephant reminds us to spend time with our loved ones and find inner peace during difficult situations

Obsidian is an indigenous rock that is created on Mother Earths surface when hot molten lava cools quickly

Obsidian stone originates where lava contacts the water near a volcanic dome or lava flow 

 A stone of silica rich volcanic glass with amazing clarity and energy

This pink tone resonates with our Heart Chakra 

Obsidian is an earthy energy stone that brings protective vibes to its surrounds 

Metaphysically healing for our mind, body and emotions 

Please note this is man made and coloured

You will receive one elephant chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful