Sulemani Hakik Egg Includes Hematite Ring



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Weight: 201gms

Height: 67mm

Width: 55mm 

This amazing stone is known for the psychic energy and is used in conjunction with Astrology

Keeping it in your home or carrying with you protects the keeper from the “evil eye” or negative energies projected their way

It encourages and attracts good luck to you or your surrounds

Agate also balances our yin/yang energy for perfect equilibrium and brings  grounding

Feel self assurance and boost your confidence with the high positive vibrations

This is great for the Root Chakra and grounds us with Mother Earth, which everyone needs daily for optimum health

Sulemani Hakik is a valued talisman for happy marriages and lasting love in relationships

Metaphysically healing for blood flow, circulation and healthy skin

Crystal eggs are symbolic of fertility, good luck, creativity and abundance in life. 

They are useful in crystal healing to locate blockages in your energy field.

The egg with their soothing shape is a perfect meditation and relaxation aid to hold in your palms.

Use for drawing pain out and away from the body with their pointed end. 

Use for Reiki, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology practices.