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Super 7/ Cocoxenite Natural Point

Super 7/ Cocoxenite Natural Point

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

weight: 149gms

Height: 83mm

width: 57mm

This amazing crystal has 7 different energies in one stone

These include:

Cocoxenite, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Rutile, Lepidocrocite and Geothite

Spiritually using and practising with this stone helps open your consciousness and thought processes

It brings clarity and allows us to channel wisdom from the higher realms

This high vibration raises our spiritual awareness & guides us on our path

Wear this crystal when you feel emotionally unbalanced and need some stability

Wear it during the New & Full Moon to tune into the lunar energies from the Goddess

This crystal promotes the highest good in people

Perfect to relieve stress and the trigger causing it

Metaphysically healing for digestive issues, hormone imbalances and all over body wellness

Natural points are perfect used in crystal healing, they Spiral energy into our body or remove energy blocks or get stagnant energy flowing again

These are wonderful grid layouts too

Use them to manifest and amplify intentions and hold during meditation 

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