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Hammered Bear Ring

Sweetgrass Studio ~ Mama Bear & Cub Ring

Sweetgrass Studio ~ Mama Bear & Cub Ring

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Animals are our greatest teachers, treat them with the highest respect they deserve always” 

These rings can be slightly made larger if needed, please do so with care to avoid bending silver! 

Due to being an open ring they will not be an exact size! 


Spirit Bear to Cherokee is all about strength, protection & good medicine. Feel her intuition, power & family unity.

Black Bears were considered the child of Great Spirit & were sent to those who lived in the western North Carolina mountains as their Spirit Guide 🏔️ Black Bear Lodge is nestled in the Smoky Mountains bordering the Cherokee Indian Rez

Bear in Cherokee is called Yo~na. I love bears & have a little one that has been my animal guide for several years… 🐻

Welcome to mine & Wayne’s journey into Silversmithing and into SweetGrass Studio!

Our pieces are handmade by us so they are “rustic” they aren’t “perfect”.

What they are is filled with passion, determination and uniqueness!

These rings may be worn in water without issues (not chemicals or pools or spas) the silver is a matte finish with hand stamped design  


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