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Pink Opal, Turquoise & Tanzanite Silver Pendant

Pink Opal, Turquoise & Tanzanite Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Throat


Height: 44mm

Width: 20mm

Turquoise is a stone of high regard to Native Americans and has been used extensively in jewellery, beadwork and pottery

Navajo and Zuni Native Americans believe turquoise to encourage rain. They would throw the stone into the river whilst praying to the spirits

It is believed to bring good luck, protection and is a talisman to be worn when creativity and ambition are needed

Symbolic of good fortune, it also holds protective energies to its keeper

Metaphysically healing vibes for bringing calm to our minds, helping lethargy and easing depression with it’s peaceful energies. It may ease respiratory problems and allergies

This gorgeous stone is wonderful for exploring and opening your intuition and own psychic abilities and nature


It is a spiritually protective crystal to help you learn gradually in your own time

To activate and open your Psychic self for Magick work or meditation,  circle a piece of Tanzanite clockwise in front of your Third Eye Chakra

When you have concluded your practice, always make sure you close it down safely by using in the reverse counter clockwise position!

Use it for clear communication and for soothing and calming your emotions

This crystal is useful for connecting with loved ones whom have passed, feel secure and try make connection with them

Metaphysically Healing for throat, boosting immunity and keeping the body healthy and detoxing your system

Opal is a gentle nurturing stone of love

This is Peruvian in origin and is found in the Andes Mountains

A stone that brings inspiration, creativity and imagination

Good for building lasting relationships and love

Symbolic of harmony and calm for our aura and spirit

Joy bringing with soothing vibes that allow you to release worry and stress

Pink opal is wonderful to work with in meditation and to enhance your intuition 

It revitalises our aura with healing light and clears our emotions for clarity and inner peace

Genuine .925 Sterling silver with raw stones 

It will retain it's shine using a soft jewellery cloth 

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