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Welcome to Tarot Taylar,

If your seeking spiritual guidance, answers, clarity and insight into your daily life, future and personal self, then I'm here to help you on your journey...

It's with the help of my beautiful Spirit Guides and Native American Ancestors, that I'm able to express my psychic gift through providing intuitive online tarot readings for each and everyone of you!

I'm internationally accredited in Tarot Reading and have studied extensively to obtain this. Although I have a natural ability, I felt compelled to extend my tarot knowledge to the highest of my ability to ensure peace of mind for my clients that indeed, I'm an honest and genuine reader.

- - - -

In order to commence ahead with your online Tarot Reading, I need YOU to send through the following information to my email address upon purchasing your reading.
(Please ensure you send through you information & details as promptly as possible to ensure readings are done in fair order)

MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS - taylarpaige102@gmail.com
- Your full name
- Birth date (this is for numerology purposes)
- Email address (so I may send through your online reading & tarot spread photo)
- The list of your chosen focus points and/or questions

Below I have listed the most popular topics my clients wish to focus on. Of course if something you want to focus on isn't listed below, simply email me and I'm more than happy to help you when possible!





5. LOVE ADVICE - this particular topic may be focused around self love OR current relationship advice OR inquiries about future love if you're single

6. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT - how to connect more deeply with your own spiritual nature & spirit guides + insight & messages from your spirit guides 

7. MINDSET & ENERGY - focusing on the overall energy that will surround you throughout the upcoming months + how to work with this energy & what to avoid in the future + where your mindset and focus should be directed towards

8. SEASONAL SPREAD - revealing the Universal energy that's going to surround you in each season of the year + including insight both spirit & tarot may need to elaborate on

9. PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS - tarot is a wonderful tool for divination but also in providing insight and answers to your problems and life obstacles! Because this is a personalized focus point, additional clarification will need to be passed on to me about what your concern is or what your ultimately seeking guidance on (everything disclosed is completely confidential).

10. GUIDANCE & DIRECTION FOR LIFE AND SELF - highlighting where this year will ultimately lead you + what you lessons you will learn throughout the coming months + what you will overcome + spirits advice/message for you
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By purchasing THIS $50 OPTION you are able to select between 3-4 focus points for your reading. If you have specific questions you want answered, then feel free to send them through.

You will receive your tarot reading via email WITHIN 7 days of purchase. I try my best to avoid long delays, but at times it does get busy, so I thank you for your patience

I am 100% HONEST with my tarot readings and respect my clients privacy. I’ll do my best to answer yes/no questions but any spiritual adviser will tell you, the future is never set in stone and we influence it with every thought, action and choice we make.

If you require additional information before purchasing please feel free to message me on my Facebook business page TAROT TAYLAR and I’ll respond promptly to you!

I look forward to doing your reading! 🌿

- I do not claim to have medical knowledge and should not be replaced by a medical practitioner.
- I do not have the ability of a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones. 
- I can see into future events within a 12 month radius but cannot foresee extensive years ahead like a clairvoyant or psychic does.