Tarot Reading ~ In Depth

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Hello and welcome to Tarot Taylar,

I’m here to provide you with insight and clarity in your day to day life. My aim is to help as many people as possible and help guide you on the right path.

Each and everyone of us has a psychic gift and I express mine through tarot. I connect with my spirit guides, Native American ancestors and your personal energy whilst the tarot reading is being commenced.

I’m internationally accredited in tarot reading and studied to achieve this diploma. I have a natural ability but wanted to extend my knowledge to the highest of my ability.

All I need for your reading is:
Since the reading is done online, I need your birthdate to select your significator (The chosen card representing you) and I use numerology to determine this.
To send your tarot reading and card photos to you
This can range from: career, financial, love, spiritual development, relationship, health, mindset & energy, problems or solutions. Past/present/future, yearly outlook/seasonal spreads (these have proven very popular!), if you require guidance or direction in life, and any additional questions you have may be asked. If you require a reading focused on something I haven’t mentioned or simply require additional information before purchasing, please feel free to private message me on my Facebook business page TAROT TAYLAR and I’ll respond promptly to you.

By purchasing THIS $50 OPTION, you are able to select 3-4 focus points for your reading. Feel free to send through any personal questions or additional information you want answered, as I’m more than happy to guide and help you.

You will receive your reading via email, WITHIN 7 to 10 days of purchase at present. Due to the current bookings and order of readings placed. I thank you for your patience. I try my best to avoid long delays, but at times it does get busy! 

I am 100% honest within my tarot readings and respect my clients privacy. I’ll do my best to answer yes/no questions but any spiritual advisor will tell you, nothing is definite and constantly changes.

I look forward to doing your reading!🌿

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have medical knowledge and should not be replaced by a medical practitioner. I do not have the ability of a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones. I can see into future events within a 12 month radius but cannot foresee extensive years ahead like a clairvoyant or psychic does.