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The Path Ahead Reading

The Path Ahead Reading

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Please email through the following details within 48hrs of your booking:

Full Name + Birthdate
1-2 chosen questions for your Spirit Guides

~ My email is

You will receive your reading within 3 weeks of purchase   

Connecting with your Spirit Guides, spiritual energy, and the symbolic archetypes of tarot, you will gain insight on…

🐍 Symbolic representation of the energy that resides within your soul in this lifetime

🐍 What you need to embrace and allow into your life

🐍 What you need to let go of/release

🐍 How can you connect more deeply with your authentic self

🐍 Guidance, advice and insight about the journey ahead from your Spirit Guides

🐍 Symbolic representation (insight) of your journey in the coming years

🦋 Your 1-2 questions for your Spirit Guides


“I created this reading because a little insight about ourselves, soulful energy, and the future is always incredibly helpful and often very enlightening.”


A little insight about me:

Hello lovely soul!

My name is Taylar (aka Tarot Taylar) and I have been an internationally accredited tarot reader since 2018. I have professionally read for over 1000 clients...I still can't believe it myself! 

During your tarot reading, I connect with your energy and both your Spirit Guides and my own, as well as using tarot cards to further clarify the messages received from the Spirit World. I offer online readings as it allows me to connect with people all over the world and intuitive/automatic writing is how I channel Spirit and my intuition.

If you have any queries or hesitations before booking your reading, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or on my fb Tarot Taylar as I'll happily have a chat with you :)

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