The Seven Secrets Of Magic & Manifestation



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Description: We've all heard about the Law of Attraction, but have you ever wondered why some people have no difficulty manifesting their dreams, while others seem to find life a constant challenge? Why is this? What do those 'lucky' people know? What do they do differently? The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation provides that missing link, showing you step by step, how to turn the dreams of today into the dream lifestyle of tomorrow!

All YOU need do is follow the formula ... and as you embark on your very own magical journey you'll discover: - True Stories of Real Life Magic - The Number One Reason dreams don't come true - The Top Three Ingredients of a Successful Spell - The Secrets of Meditation and Visualisation - How to hold Unique and Powerful Rituals - The Healing Properties of Flower Essences - How to Change Your Vibration to attract your Deepest Desires - The Power of Colour, Sound & Crystals - How to get in touch with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides - Tips for Creating and Supercharging your Vision Board - How to beat your favourite Dream Busters - And ... what to do when the Magic isn't working! Astrologer Stella Woods and designer Cristina Re have pooled their talents to create this unique and beautiful book. They hope you'll be inspired to make your own magic and reach for the stars!