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Tibetan Rope Incense ~ Nag Champa

Tibetan Rope Incense ~ Nag Champa

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If you’ve never tried these natural cleansing ropes, now is your time to experience their aroma!

Rope incense are an important spiritual part of Nepalese culture. In Nepal, it is also known as “Dhoop”.

Upon igniting this hand rolled incense it shares the aroma to uplift your spirits and emotions. Use during a sacred meditation, prayer work, manifesting or simply to clear and charge your home. 

Rope incense are created by hand using aromatic herbs and then wrapping and twisting them in rice paper. They are then ready to be burned. Ignite the end with the red tip. 

You may hang them, or use the holder provided. They are lit like an incense stick and naturally burn themselves out. 

Box includes 30 Dhoop 

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