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Trinket Box ~ Dreamcatcher with Turquoise

Trinket Box ~ Dreamcatcher with Turquoise

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height: 120mm

width: 170mm

5 x 7” inches 

These are beautifully hand crafted solid wooden boxes are hand made in India.

They are created by legally procured wood and ethically sourced.

Wood imperfections/tones will occur as they are not coated in toxic paints that usually hide such character!

Crystal chips have been used and glued into the carved wood sections, so please avoid dropping or knocking your box as it may dislodge chips. We aren’t responsible for this mishap! 

These are perfect for your trinkets, tarot or oracle cards, crystals and jewellery.

Please note not all tarot/oracle decks may fit as their sizes all vary. I have no issue with most of mine!

This box features Stabilised Turquoise for attracting:

> protection

> creativity

> personal talisman

> good luck & abundance 

Slight imperfections may occur as they are natural wood

Accesories not included, you receive one box as photographed 

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