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Stabilised Dyed Turquoise PROTECTION Healing Bracelet ©️

Stabilised Dyed Turquoise PROTECTION Healing Bracelet ©️

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CHAKRA: Throat


10mm gemstones on elastic

7 inches circumference

Turquoise is a stone of high regard to Native Americans and has been used extensively in jewellery, beadwork and pottery

Navajo and Zuni Native Americans believe turquoise to encourage rain. They would throw the stone into the river whilst praying to the spirits

Metaphysically healing vibes for bringing calm to our minds, helping lethargy and easing depression with it’s peaceful energies. It may ease respiratory problems and allergies

It is believed to bring good luck, protection and is a talisman to be worn when creativity and ambition are needed

Symbolic of good fortune, it also holds protective energies to its keeper

Healing bracelets are the easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Do not wet bracelet as this may affect quality over time

Please note this is not genuine turquoise, it is a powered resin form which is stabilised 

These are stabilised for strength and not 100% Turquoise, they are dyed and not genuine for their price! 

Stabilised jewellery uses small amounts of the actual stone, that is why they are cheaper to genuine solid pieces 



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