Unakite Piggy

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ELEMENT: Fire and Water

weight: 61gms

height: 30mm

width: 50mm

Crystal animals amplify their crystal type

We all have a spirit/totem animal as a guide, they bring us instinctive strengths when needed

Unakite is a crystal of happiness and lasting relationships

A stone that creates mindfulness and stops you becoming overwhelmed

It brings determination, patience and harmony with nurturing vibrations

Use when pregnant to connect with your unborn baby by holding on your womb for spiritual connection

Take into the delivery room at time of labour and birth

Unakite sends relief to the cause of a health issue when used by a healer and patient even if the origin is not known

Metaphysically healing for circulation, balancing bodily fluids and labour

Pigs are symbolic of having an acute mind and are happy behind the scenes rather than the centre of attention

They are artistic and usually good in business