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Scenic Dendritic Agate Silver Ring

Scenic Dendritic Agate Silver Ring

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Chakra: Root, Heart and Third Eye

Element: Earth

This absolutely gorgeous ring is a fixed size 8 and is not adjustable

This is a beautiful translucent Agate that has some wonderful benefits

The pretty inclusions are often, green, grey or black and resemble tree branches, veins and patterns

It a stone of transformation, meditation and flourishing in your chosen path and on your life journey

It brings balance with Agate properties, this in turn balances both our Yin/Yang energies

It strengthens family relationships and offers protection whilst away from home

Use it to help remove energy blockages and fluid retention if you love using crystal healing on yourself

The balancing effect of Dendritic also brings peace to troubled minds, and heals unhappy thoughts or memories

Metaphysically healing for energy blockages, fluid retention, neuralgia and easing pain when held on the particular source of it

Genuine .925 sterling Silver

These Russian Scenic Dendritic Agate contain natural surface imperfections, they are not considered a fault as they are natural part of this beautiful stone!

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