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Cherokee Feather Blessing Wand ~ Brown Feathers

Cherokee Feather Blessing Wand ~ Brown Feathers

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I have created these Cherokee blessing wands after receiving many messages from customers who have purchased my book, where I highlight the use of my wand during my four directions ritual.

These are rustic, authentic and are created to connect you with the higher realms, creator and the Universe. 

Feathers are held in the highest regard for Native Americans & they carry our thoughts, prayers, and intentions to the higher realms. The birds who gift feathers are the messengers between our two worlds.

Agate arrowheads are powerful grounding, protection and strength talismans in our culture. Combined in my wands they share an earthy deeply connecting energy.

Selenite Rods are the perfect pairing to raise your vibration and further connect you with universal elements.

Each wand is unique and made by me, please don’t expect perfection! 

Walk in Beauty, Kelli 🪶xx

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