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Atlantisite & Stichtite Silver ~ Cosmic

Atlantisite & Stichtite Silver ~ Cosmic

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CHAKRA: Heart, Root and Crown

ELEMENT: Earth and Air

height: 38mm

width: 16mm

Stichtite is a rare crystal that is never usually in large form, it is often found on other crystals

It is a very feminine energy stone that radiates gentle and kind vibrations

If you have self esteem issues it’s a lovey stone to wear, to encourage worth and positivity for yourself

Used for our Heart Chakra it will remove any blockages and heal any emotions within

Stichtite is a tranquil and calming crystal

Magickally it improves frienships and relationships

Metaphysically healing for eating disorders, headaches and hypertension, use it for self manifested physical problems

This is a beautiful crystal to create a homely ambience in your surrounds, especially if you live alone

Known as the stone of inner fire, as when using Atlantisite over your Solar Plexus centre you will help rise your inner Kundalini energies upwards from the base of your spine

Perfect to use when you need a boost of vitality and some confidence

Atlantisite enriches our current life path

Magically this stone is associated with Atlantis, and is said to contain the ancient wisdom which allows us to learn natural healing easier

Wonderful to overcome emotional insecurities and get you feeling more positive

Metaphysically healing for heart, lungs, menstruation cramps and helping regulate the natural monthly flow. Useful for healthy digestion and stomach acidity.

Genuine .925 sterling silver

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