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Amethyst Balance ~ Silver Necklace

Amethyst Balance ~ Silver Necklace

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CHAKRA: Third Eye, Crown


Chain: 40cm 

Amethyst that reveals her every tone in the light, featuring a beautifully faceted face…

She really is all healing and here to induce harmony and peace to your Spirit.

Wearing amethyst helps support emotions, especially if you have addictions or obsessions you want to suppress. 

Open your Third Eye & physic self to her spiritual powers. Allow yourself to grow and explore new paths…

Healing properties include: easing insomnia, headaches and anxiety. Amethyst provides a support system of natural healing vibrations.

Double terminations provide amazing healing qualities including: 

~ They direct energy simultaneously through each end of their terminations

~ they cleanse and balance our chakras

~ they absorb stagnant energy away and direct positive energy flow in through our bodies

~ amplify intentions and manifesting

~ useful for lucid dreaming and recall

~ empowering yourself by circling above your crown chakra and moving down your body

~ enhancing meditation and psychic abilities

~ use as an energy bridge between any two vibrating things, people, crystals, animal healing

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

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