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SweetGrass Studio ~ Chrysocolla Cuff

SweetGrass Studio ~ Chrysocolla Cuff

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CHAKRA: Heart and Throat 

ELEMENT: Earth and Air  

“Your heart is your centre of love ”

IMPORTANT: Cuffs need to be put on correctly, there is an easy comfy way to do this below 

Please don’t force them on the wide part of your wrist or pry them open, this will distort the silver and may pop the setting if force is used 

1. Turn your wrist sideways, palm facing yourself inwards

2. Gently slide the opening of the cuff across your wrist with the turquoise or middle top of the cuff facing you and then position to centre by gentle turning to the left 

3. Our cuffs may be gently adjusted to fit you comfy by adjusting slightly wider or more snug by using gentle pressure evenly on both sides. 

4. If making smaller place cuff on your wrist and cover the entire cuff with your hand and gently squeeze both ends inward.

5. If you want to wear it slightly higher up your wrist and need it wider, hold both sides with your hands and gently open the cuff outward very very slowly, you don’t want to overbend and make the opening uneven. 

6. We don’t recommend doing this everyday you wear it, as it will eventually weaken the silver. Once your ideal size is comfortable leave it as is! 

Welcome to mine & Wayne’s journey into Silversmithing and into SweetGrass Studio!

I chose this name as SweetGrass represents peace, beauty, happiness, healing and spirituality. It attracts all that is good to you! 🌿

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my bloodlines and Ancestors and learn this ancient skill. Silver resonates with our Grandmother Moon. It is favoured by many artists for its purity. We use Pure & Sterling Silver depending on the piece we create.

Our style is in tradition with Native American work and does not feature a high shine. We use a patina finish which highlights our hand stamping, patterns and turquoise settings. Darker areas are normal and characteristic of handmade Sterling silver using patina. This may fade over time depending on your skin acids.

Our pieces are handmade by us so they are “rustic” they aren’t “perfect”.

What they are is filled with passion, determination and uniqueness!

Each is stamped .925 where possible and all are genuine.

Our Turquoise originates in the South West USA from either Nevada, Arizona or Mexico Mines. Natural turquoise always contains surface indentations and multi coloured hues, this ensures it’s the real deal and not fake!

We also feature Silver cuffs with hand stamping and oxidised patina finish 

 An ancient stone of mystic vibrations and healing qualities….

Think Goddesses of Ancient Egypt who used for the pigment to paint the protective Eye of Horus on their foreheads or used it as makeup

It encourages study, concentration and memory recall. So it’s great if you are studying or learning a new skill

She will also help your creativity and spiritual intuition. Use during meditation to help connect with your Spirit Guides or Ancestors

She brings us prosperity and calming energy

Her vibrations will cleanse our body energy points and remove any blockages residing

Metaphysically Healing for helping you gain self esteem and confidence

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