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Rainbow Tourmaline Silver Ring

Rainbow Tourmaline Silver Ring

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CHAKRA : Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart 


This stunning ring is an absolute work of art! 🩵💚🩷 The tourmaline and solid silver is just amazing!!

This ring is a fixed size 8 and is not adjustable 

~ This Stone is the most varied colour in the Tourmaline family, with gorgeous colour spectrums

Folklore believes that this variety which can blend 2 or 3 tones/colours in one stone, fell from the Rainbow to Earth

This beautiful stone balances our Mind Body & Spirit for perfect spiritual health

Magickally it is used for vision quests and shamanic journeys to bring insight

A stone that is suited for artistic and creative people, it helps bring out your passion

It also helps psychological problems or hallucinations, by creating a more harmonious energy 

Tourmaline is a protective stone for its keeper

Metaphysically healing for all over physical healing and helping mental thought patterns

genuine Sterling silver stamped .925

It retain the shiny appearance use a soft jewellery cloth

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