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Vanadinite Specimen

Vanadinite Specimen

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus

Weight: 11gms

Height: 15mm

Width: 24mm

This vibrant energy stone helps us express our creativity, and vitality

Have the courage to break out of your usual routine and take a chance on a new beginning

Express your thoughts and wishes outward to the Universe and turn them into actions instead of just dreaming about them…

Vanadinite is great for attracting wealth and prosperity to your home. Trust your intuition when placing a piece inside your home and see what “feels” right for you

It’s also a good bedroom crystal to awaken and activate our Sacral Chakra for sexuality, passion and libido

If you feel lethargic, this is the booster crystal you may just need to try!

For a positive self image and self love, look no further. This stone helps us accept ourself and teaches us to feel comfortable within our body

If you suffer body image or eating disorders, this vibration may help switch you  mindset to a more positive and loving self acceptance of yourself

If you feel unbalanced and need grounding this stone will bring stability with deep grounding energy for our Root Chakra

Metaphysically Healing for Bladder, lethargy and sexual problems and lack of libido

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