Wear Spray Burn ~ Aura Protection Kit



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This protective little kit has all your bases covered! You receive all 3 necessities 

~ Start by wearing your earrings for grounding 

~ Spray your Aura with mist for protection 

~ Burn your Palo Santo for blessings 



A stone of protective grounding vibes with beautiful smoky tones

Smoky quartz is a crystal that will guard against psychic attacks, paranormal activity and keep evil energies away

Perfect to keep on your bedside at night

It will bring sleep if you have insomnia and help ease your anxieties or panic attacks

Use to absorb misfortune and sorrows and keep during times of stress

Metaphysically healing for depression, helping energy blocks and helping chronic pain

Smoky quartz eliminates and detoxes our system on all levels

Use them to manifest and amplify intentions and hold during meditation 

Wire wrapping is hypoallergenic and should be tolerated by most people! (Yes even me) 


 100ml spray bottle

All Organic essential oils and water 

Release Negativity and feel Sacred energy...

Every human body essentially is made from Five Elements


These five elements are associated with the five senses

Scared Elements through its range of products evokes all the senses, thus creating a stronger association with nature

These are an essential step for cleansing your home, spirit and crystals

Palo Santo Holy Wood originate from Peru and are harvested from the fallen and dead trees. The branches are ethically collected and cut into these aromatic smudge sticks

They bring good fortune, harmony, positivity with protection and clear your home and surrounds of negative or evil energies

Use by lighting one end until it flames for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Keep the stick and flame slightly tilted downwards during this time.

Once the Palo Wood is smoking you may begin to cleanse your surrounds

The wood will continue to smoulder and stay warm, you may relight if needed to cover large spaces

Walk through your home and cleanse each room using your pure intent with the smoke

You may cleanse yourself, your pets, car and crystal jewellery as often as your intuition guides you