Intuitively Chosen ~ White Aventurine Heart


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weight: 50gms

height: 50mm

width: 55mm

White Aventurine is a beautiful stone that is like a mirror for the soul

With its vibrations it brings clarity for you spiritual growth and visions

Aventurine features Mica inclusions which give a shimmer in light and pearl like appearance

Energies to promote our self awareness and understanding of others in our life

White Aventurine is wonderful for meditation and to bring peace to your mind, body and spirit

Metaphysically healing for insomnia, depression and headaches

Used in crystal healing it allows balance for all chakras and even energy flow

In folklore it is believed crystal hearts hold the energies of those who touch them 

They make special gifts and are perfect used as a worry stone for your palm.

 Meditation holding them will bring peace and loving energies as the crystal type is amplified

 You receive one heart chosen intuitively for you. Each are uniquely beautiful