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White Fluorite Witch Owl

White Fluorite Witch Owl

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

ELEMENT: Air and Water

Height: 40mm

Width: 23mm

Fluorite relieves stress and protects against negative energy

A stone for clarity of mind. Helps retain information and provide clear thinking with rational thoughts

Good for studying and students,  it’s a stone of calm and cooling vibrations

Fluorite is like a breath of fresh air to your surrounds and brings with it positive vibes and harmony

Use to detox and cleanse your emotions and ease depression, used in healing to bring balance to the body

Metaphysically healing for the immune system, boosting our vitality and reliving emotional baggage like grief or blocked emotions

Crystal Power Animals amplify their crystal type

We are all said to have a spirit/totem animal who brings us instinctive strength when needed

Owl is linked with Magick, mystery, power and is wise beyond years. Some see them as a omen others a blessing

Spirit Owl sees all....

Birds in Native American culture are known as messengers and their wings and feathers carry the prayers to the Spirit World and heavens. A lot of tribes fear Owl but I love them despite the legends!

You will receive one owl chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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