White Opal Tumble Stones



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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Crown


This pretty stone to me is likened to Reiki!

This is because it balances our left and right sides of the brain, just like a Reiki session can do when working with the Crown Chakra

White Opal helps us deal with our current situation and life path and encourages us to look within

If you emotionally lack confidence, or feel you want to ignite your divine feminine within, carry or place a piece of this Opal in your bra, she works wonders!

Opals are a beautiful energy and a lot believe them to bring luck, so they can also be carried as a talisman

Metaphysically healing for balancing our hormonal levels, nervous system and menstrual issues

Tumble-stones are great carried in your pocket, purse or bra and their energy is strong even though small

Placed under your pillow or on your bedside table their energy merges with your own as you rest and absorb their natural vibrations

You receive one tumble stone chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful