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Wild Horse Magnesite Silver Pendant

Wild Horse Magnesite Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Root and Crown

ELEMENT: Earth and Air

height: 33mm

width: 15mm

This beautiful stone is mined in Sierra County, New Mexico

With a high Magnesium content this stone helps us balance emotions, balance our physical body and banish stress we may be holding onto

The matrix two tones of brown and white veining offer us grounding with Mother Earth and also help shield our Aura

The energy vibration of Wild Horse allows us to always move forward on our current spiritual journey, never become stagnant in your life!

Look within and ask your Soul, for it knows the way always…

Wild Horse brings us clearer thinking and mind clarity and is wonderful used for healings and in meditation

Wearing this crystal in jewellery is the perfect way to balance your mind. body. spirit.

Metaphysically Healing for female fertility, detoxifies our system and helps clear any energy blocks

To clean use a soft polishing cloth as needed or damp paper towel

Genuine .925 sterling Silver 

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