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Magnesite White Buffalo Silver Ring

Magnesite White Buffalo Silver Ring

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CHAKRA: Root and Crown 

ELEMENT: Earth and Air

This gorgeous ring is a fixed size 6/6.5 and is not adjustable

 This gorgeous Stone of deep brown/black spiderweb veins and blotchy white matrix is formed from minerals of Calcite and Iron and sometimes hematite

It is mined near Tonopah Nevada by the Otteson Family

In Native Culture this stone is highly regarded and used in a lot of jewellery!
Buffalo or Bison are symbolic of spirituality, manifesting and great power, strength and abundance
With a high Magnesium content this stone helps us balance emotions, balance our physical body and banish stress we may be holding onto
This is a rarer stone to source and it can therefore get very pricey, so if you love something that’s not common, this gorgeous stone is what you are wanting! 
To clean use a soft polishing cloth as needed or damp paper towel

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver 

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