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Wish/Mantra Candle Lilac - Spiritual Awarness & intuition

Wish/Mantra Candle Lilac - Spiritual Awarness & intuition

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Lilac Candles – Spirituality, self awareness and connection with higher realms. They bring a feeling or Magick, mysticism and guidance. 

 These candles are perfect for your: 

~ Wishing/Mantra

~ Spellwork

~ Manifesting

~ Meditation

They are 5 inches and have a burn time of approx 2 hours, so you don’t have to wait for a whole candle to burn hours on end for the intention to get out there!

You receive one candle as displayed 

Recite a little chant/spell as you light your candle:

My personal one is as follows, you may say it but please do not reprint out of respect

I end mine with the Cherokee phase of A’ho which means “I understand” or “amen” when used in prayers. Use what spiritual practice you identify with

“I connect with higher realms 

I accept and am open to energy

Guidance and growth are mine to flourish


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