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Witch Rune Tiles with Description ~ Larger Tile Shape

Witch Rune Tiles with Description ~ Larger Tile Shape

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Witch Runes differ from Elder Farthark Runes as they are not an alphabet

~ They are symbols that are used for Divination and insight

~ They are cast the same way as traditional runes, using a cloth or table

~ Use only the runes that are facing upward 

~ If the Eye appears, notice the direction it is looking, if a Rune appears in front of this stone , pay attention to the symbolic meaning

~ They may also be used by asking a question, and selecting one Rune for the outcome 

Please bless and protect yourself and your Runes before each ritual and casting 

They require regular charging and cleansing like all crystals

These are crafted using. Australian Woods and these are Jarrah

Each pouch contains 13 runes with a leaflet paper

These are hand made and are not perfect! They use natural products 


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