Wooden Witch Spell Box


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height: 60mm

width: 135mm

inside box is slightly smaller 

These gorgeous little rustic wooden boxes are ideal as a wish box, here’s what to do....

Wooden Spell Box  for manifesting wishes 

* Use your box during a waxing moon or on the night of the Full Moon

* Write on a piece of paper, draw or use sigils to represent what you wish 

* Close the lid once complete

* Repeat your chosen chant/incantation 3 times

Place your wish box under lunar energies all night and add some crystals to amplify your intentions, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Amethyst are great choices

Open the next day and await your manifestations...

Always cleanse and charge your box with a Quartz Crystal and some Sage, Palo or Incense 

Give thanks to the Universe, Gods & Goddesses