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Witches Broom/Besom ~ Evil Eye Hamsa

Witches Broom/Besom ~ Evil Eye Hamsa

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height: 220mm

width: 100mm

These are a favourite of you all, so I got more stocked!

A Witch Broom/Besom is used in spiritual practices to cleanse and clear negative energy from our Spirit, Possessions and Home

You may hang yours above your front door, over a window or anywhere you please! 

This features the evil eye which in folklore wards of evil, ill wishing and bad luck 

Tip: Use a sweeping motion to clear any negative energy from your Aura.

Begin at your crown and move down to your feet. You may do the same with any possessions.

Chant I use :

“negative energy you may not stay,

I banish thee,

be on your way! 


You receive one broom

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