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Witches Broom/Besom - Triquetra Green Aventurine

Witches Broom/Besom - Triquetra Green Aventurine

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height: 220mm

width: 100mm



These are a favourite of you all, so I got more stocked!

A Witch Broom/Besom is used in spiritual practices to cleanse and clear negative energy from our Spirit, Possessions and Home

You may hang yours above your front door, over a window or anywhere you please! 

This features the Triquetra which is a Celtic good luck symbol for protection and eternity 

Green aventurine is a stone known as a touch stone

It is useful when carried rather than in crystal healing. 

It has energies that build over time and are gentle in nature

Aventurine will increase the power of homeopathic remedies.

Healing for fertility, believed to be the best crystal to keep when trying to conceive

Helpful if you are feeling depressed or suffer anxiety

Keep in a plant in Earth overnight for grounding energies the next morning.

Green Aventurine attracts luck, wealth and prosperity

Green crystals are soothing and nurturing in nature, they resonate with our Heart Chakra

They bring compassion, new growth, love and understanding 

Tip: Use a sweeping motion to clear any negative energy from your Aura.

Begin at your crown and move down to your feet. You may do the same with any possessions.

Chant I use :

“negative energy you may not stay,

I banish thee,

be on your way! 


You receive one broom

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