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Apothecary Herb for Relaxation ~ Lavender

Apothecary Herb for Relaxation ~ Lavender

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Weight: 20gms

Herbs used:



These collections are designed to be used for incense and magickal use only, do not ingest

This herbal blend is designed to be placed around your home and possessions

You may also carry your herbs as a talisman in a little pouch, hang it from doorways or place by your pillow 

~ Burnt in your Cauldron or Abalone Shell

~ Use a charcoal disc for perfect results, add a pinch of herbs once hot


What this herb does:

~ Used in Spells for calming

~ help to easing stress and anxiety

~ inducing deep sleep and relaxation

~ feelings of peace and calm by placing in your bath before bed 

Please keep stored in the air tight bag when not in use, and away from moisture or a glass jar

Our bags are foil lined, resealable and packed hygienically by us. 

You receive one sealed bag 20gms  weight, decor shown not included

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