Tarot Reading ~ Yearly Insight & Future Outlook ©️ Next available for booking ~ 25th September 8am ❤️



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Please send through your:

Full name + Birthdate + Selected focus point/Questions for Spirit to my email address upon booking in your tarot reading.

My email address is ~ taylarpaige102@gmail.com 


“Everyday is an opportunity to start afresh and rewrite your life path”

This Yearly Outlook Tarot Spread is wonderful as it reveals the important guidance and insight your spirit guides feel you need to hear about the next 12 months
This Future Spread will reveal:
+ The universal energies that will surround you over the next 12 MONTHS
+ Any advice, warnings or messages that your spirit guides would like to know, so you may implement this knowledge in the coming months
+You may also choose to focus on 1-2 focus points you’d like future insight/outlook on OR feel free to ask any questions you have for your spirit guides about your life
(if you do want to select a focus point, please refer to either the In Depth or General Reading options and you’ll find a list of focus points you may choose from)
+ To conclude your reading, an Oracle Card will be drawn which will describe your coming year (next 12 months) as a whole.
This knowledge of the future, will help you tremendously and bring peace of mind in knowing how to approach next year in a positive and stress-free way!

Additional Information ~

You will receive your tarot reading via email WITHIN 7 days of purchase. I try my best to avoid long delays, but at times it does get busy, so I thank you for your patience

I am 100% HONEST with my tarot readings no matter what appears and wholeheartedly respect my clients privacy. I’ll do my best to answer yes/no questions but any spiritual adviser will tell you, the future is never set in stone and we influence it with every thought, action and choice we make in our everyday lives.

If you require additional information before purchasing please feel free to message me on my Facebook business page TAROT TAYLAR and I’ll respond promptly to you!

I look forward to doing your reading! 🌿


- I do not claim to have medical knowledge and should not be replaced by a medical practitioner.

- I do not have the ability of a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones.

- I can see into future events within a 12 month radius but cannot foresee extensive years ahead like a clairvoyant or psychic does.