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Animal Healing using Crystals

Animal Healing using Crystals

We love our animals unconditionally, as they are part of our family life.

Just as we treat ourselves to crystals and their unique healing vibrations, you may extend them to your precious fur baby too. This includes, pets with scales, feathers, wings, webbed feet, gills and any living energy, I may have forgot in our vast animal kingdoms! 

Just as we have Chakras, so do animals and they can become unbalanced by daily life.

Animals in all their forms are very instinctual, wise and the best teachers for us. When they get sick we nurse them, just as they help us when we are ill or feeling angry, sad, happy etc

You can use most crystals on animals, apart from Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds. These vibrations are not suited at all. I also tend to steer clear of raw crystals which may be toxic if licked by your pet. Stones like Malachite, Tigers Eye, Cinnabar or Bumble Bee Jasper for example may make them sick. Better to be safe than sorry! 

The easiest way to benefit your dog/cat if they are too active is too wait till they are relaxed, tired and sleeping! 

Place a crystal near them, touching them or if they allow resting upon their body. Program the crystal/s for their need and healing and try keep them in place for up to 10 minutes.

You may notice your dog twitches! Lilly our eldest Whippet always twitches her nose when I give her Reiki Healing. She gets very relaxed and her breathing slows a lot. Luña (shown) is a crazy little whippet and I need to wait till she is having her Zen moment before any healing gets done! 

So, I hope this inspires you to give it a go. Your animal will love you for the boost of natural energies. If you need anymore advice or have questions, please message me anytime. I’m happy to help. 

Our Crystal Healing pouches are perfect for your animals and they work exactly the same way as they do on us. So if they have an ailment and we have a pouch for it, rest assured it’s what you need. 



Orgone Energy using Crystals

Orgone Energy using Crystals

Yes, they are REAL crystals within their resin forms!

In fact, the Copper actually helps amplify their crystal vibrations

Orgones are a powerhouse of energies to be tapped into…

They bring the following metaphysical benefits:

- peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming
- deeper meditation
- harmony and balance
- aligns our auric fields for healing
- balances our Chakras for free flow energies
- protects from wifi and emf emissions
- keeps food and supplements fresh!

I often keep one in our crisper or in the fresh fruit bowl, especially during the summer and humid weather and they do work! 

Choose your favourite crystal form and benefit from their unique energy healing. 


Saturn Retrograde Insight & Crystals

Saturn Retrograde Insight & Crystals

Saturn rules our Karma….so let’s hope your past behaviours have been positive rather than negative. This is a time to balance the scales and own your actions.

Now is the time to motivate and empower yourself! Wake up smell the coffee and grab some high vibration crystals.

Your actions and mindset at present will influence your future goals and journeys.

So, putting in the extra effort now,  you will reap the rewards in the years ahead. Ground work is essential for any plan, dream or goal.

If you have gone astray, correct it during this strong energy shift and build a strong foundation for yourself and your future.

Keep it realistic, and don’t be disappointed if it takes a while before you see the fruits of your labour. They will be there!

Crystals which may suit include:

Citrine ~ attract positive energy and abundance (in all forms)

Smokey Quartz ~ release and clear any toxins in your life, including your body

Lemurian Quartz ~ draw on the ancient wisdom of these stones

Sodalite ~ calm your emotions, your actions and trust intuition always

Black Obsidian ~ your protection talisman against any negativity coming your way

Relax a moment and then take a breathe.  Now, get your game plan into action.

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your future!



Mercury Retrograde Survival Crystals

Mercury Retrograde Survival Crystals

Don’t panic! It’s not a bad thing and it’s not worth you stressing yourself out over it, based on some negative social media posts you have read!

So what is Mercury Retrograde?

What actually is it? A simple explanation for us all....

~ Mercury moves faster than the Earth as they orbit around the sun, and unlike other planets, the speed of its orbit does changes

~When Mercury is at its furthest point from the sun, it's at the slowest point in its orbit, giving Earth a chance to catch up

~This is why we spend the next three weeks feeling the energy, as Mercury turning retrograde, and moving in sync with the Earth

So, I made these easy to use little crystal pouches.

These can be carried each day of the Mercury Retrograde to keep your mind set positive and help shield you from the chaos that can arise with the intense energy shifts during this time frame.

I carry mine in my handbag, so I have the energy with me wherever I go, add to this I then place them, by my workspace to help with deflecting EMFs and other negative aspects...

Simple things you can do to ease any negative energy and stagnancy during this Retrograde 

~ Plan ahead of time and leave home early, so delays are minimal

~ Meditate when needed and burn Incense, White Sage or Palo Santo for positivity and to keep negativity away

~ Don’t make any major decisions, if possible during the Retrograde

~ Take time out and ground yourself outdoors and Earth

~ Draw yourself an Oracle Card to give yourself some guidance and set a good mantra first thing in the morning

~ Carry these natural healing crystals everywhere you go! 

WHITE HOWLITE ~ will help deflect Anger and keep your mind calm and in peaceful spirit. It helps remove pent up frustrations and turn them into a positive

SHUNGITE ~ brings Mother Earth grounding vibes and protection against EMFS. This amazing stone works by clearing and aligning our body particles, for all over healing allowing light rays to flow through us, for optimum health

AMETHYST ~ psychic protection against negative vibes and stressful situations. All healing for people, plants and pets. We can all be affected, by the energy shifts

ROSE QUARTZ ~ nurtures your emotions and keeps hormones balanced. Relieves insomnia and brings sweet dreams and unconditional love and harmony

LAPIS LAZULI ~ A beautiful stone that forms friendships and deep communication and builds lasting relationships. It brings truth and harmony and teaches spiritual love and compassion

They are designed to release your body and mind of any negative or toxic energies you hold. Moving forward is the key!

Breathe in the positive and exhale the negative, you got this Retrograde energy under control, with your thinking, actions and crystals.

So, walk out that door with confidence and embrace our Universe and everything coming your way! 

Pouches and jewellery are available on our website.


Crystal Chimes ~ Clear Quartz

Crystal Chimes ~ Clear Quartz

Soundless Chimes YES!

Our always beautiful, always popular Quartz Chimes are the perfect solution if you don’t like the sound of chimes when the wind blows.

These natural Quartz Points radiate healing rays and they glisten and shine in the sunshine and moonlight.

I have these on the outside of our home and they can take any weather, any season, any element.

They survive, wind, hail, rain, sun, frost. After 3 years the wood may start breaking down but the Quartz itself will glow with happiness being in the Elements of our Universe.

Use them for protection, attracting good energy and bring a sense of calm and peace to your property. 

Positive Thinking Works

Positive Thinking Works

We’ve all heard that old saying “Like attracts Like” right?

So I’m here to say, put the power of your thoughts to work and try only think positive. When we dwell on negativity or worry and stress over everyday things or stuff that really doesn’t matter…it affects our health!!

If you aren’t careful you may become depressed, anxious and develop physical ailments from holding this stagnant energy inside. Kick it out of your Spirit and keep your Aura bright and colourful!

Thinking positively attracts positivity and good energy your way. The more you do it the easier it becomes. And the happier you feel. Your Chakras will appreciate the positive flow as well.

My point here? No matter how bad your day is or if your luck is down…never give up. You have the power to change it and only you can make it happen!

“Always believe good things are coming” MoonstoneGypsyAu 



Orthoceras and a Sacred Bath…

Orthoceras and a Sacred Bath…

Ancient Energy of Orthoceras Fossils and incorporating them into our bath routine…

Their strong vibration is great for past life regressions sessions and
To ease worry
To ground and balance
To empower our Root Chakra

They bring emotional balance, so are perfect placed anywhere in your home

 It may sound odd, but they really infuse a nice relaxing bath with their Element of Water!

 Hold yours under the flowing tap while you fill your bath for a few minutes and allow those active energies infuse your bath water. Use the shape shown in our photo or we also have round bowls which work just as easily.

Dry your Orthoceras thoroughly afterward and soak in those crystal vibes it has shared with you.

Trust me…a Crystal Healer, BB Kelli 

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystals have been used since ancient times for their natural healing vibrations.

Our bracelets are made using a few sizes of tumbled beads and their benefits are many, apart from them being simply gorgeous! 

Wearing crystals is an easy and direct method to achieve their energy. Always program your bracelet with your intention when placing it on and when you notice or touch it during the day, remind yourself of that thought.

Bracelets may be worn alone, or stacked with multiple energy! The choice is personal as we all react differently to the energy they share.

I mix at least 4 to 5 bracelets each day and believe me, if it isn’t the right mix, they will let you know and you will change it!

Experiment, connect and feel happiness with wearing your bracelets. Just please don’t shower or wet them, they don’t do well and so many crystals do receive surface damage.

Instead cleanse them with positive thoughts, sunshine or moonlight. A singing bowl, sage, incense or Palo is another non invasive way to do this.

I Reiki infuse all our bracelets prior to sending them, after Wayne has made them. They arrive ready to wear.

Enjoy our beautiful offerings!

Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Want to feel some positivity and hope for a brand new 2022? Yes! We all do, and this is what we thought to do.

Our intentions are to start some positivity flowing right now and create a ripple effect….

Embrace colour, handmade simplicity and happiness by wearing these wrist ties 

So how do you use your Wish/Friendship Bracelet? 

~ Tie your bracelet on and make a wish at the same time

~ Keep it on your wrist, and each day remind yourself of your wish

~ Wear it 24/7 until it eventually falls off. Water and swimming don’t damage them

~Let’s see if that wish comes true or you get close to receiving it!

Live Love Hope and be happy because that’s the best medicine we have right now! Along with crystals! 

Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Looking after yourself both physically and spiritually is so important for balanced emotions and health. 

So, how can we achieve this with herbs and crystals? Easily! and it’s something you should do a few times a week at least. White Sage Smudging takes only a few minutes and removes negativity from your spiritual bodies. Send your love and prayers up to the Spirit World and your Ancestors within the smoke as you cleanse. 

Wear a crystal that you love, depending on what vibration you feel you need. I’m never without my Navajo Turquoise for protection and it’s spirituality. 

Take a break from social media, on the days you can. These platforms can make you feel insecure, jealous, drained of energy, and even angry at certain posts! This is not good for your overall vibration and leads to energy imbalances. 

Clear out friends, followers, influencers or businesses that don’t serve you anymore. If they aren’t supporting your dream, sharing a laugh, and nourishing you, free yourself. 

We are on a journey of spiritual growth and sometimes we outgrow old friends, fashion styles, even family members. There is nothing wrong with trusting your intuition and pushing past them. Trust your own vibes, if it doesn’t feel right anymore, it probably isn’t.

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