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Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Want to feel some positivity and hope for a brand new 2022? Yes! We all do, and this is what we thought to do.

Our intentions are to start some positivity flowing right now and create a ripple effect….

Embrace colour, handmade simplicity and happiness by wearing these wrist ties 

So how do you use your Wish/Friendship Bracelet? 

~ Tie your bracelet on and make a wish at the same time

~ Keep it on your wrist, and each day remind yourself of your wish

~ Wear it 24/7 until it eventually falls off. Water and swimming don’t damage them

~Let’s see if that wish comes true or you get close to receiving it!

Live Love Hope and be happy because that’s the best medicine we have right now! Along with crystals! 

Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Looking after yourself both physically and spiritually is so important for balanced emotions and health. 

So, how can we achieve this with herbs and crystals? Easily! and it’s something you should do a few times a week at least. White Sage Smudging takes only a few minutes and removes negativity from your spiritual bodies. Send your love and prayers up to the Spirit World and your Ancestors within the smoke as you cleanse. 

Wear a crystal that you love, depending on what vibration you feel you need. I’m never without my Navajo Turquoise for protection and it’s spirituality. 

Take a break from social media, on the days you can. These platforms can make you feel insecure, jealous, drained of energy, and even angry at certain posts! This is not good for your overall vibration and leads to energy imbalances. 

Clear out friends, followers, influencers or businesses that don’t serve you anymore. If they aren’t supporting your dream, sharing a laugh, and nourishing you, free yourself. 

We are on a journey of spiritual growth and sometimes we outgrow old friends, fashion styles, even family members. There is nothing wrong with trusting your intuition and pushing past them. Trust your own vibes, if it doesn’t feel right anymore, it probably isn’t.

Rose Aura Base Cut Points

Rose Aura Base Cut Points

Okay this altered Aura Crystal sparks much debate often…

So, what is Aura in crystals and is it fake?

Aura is Clear or in this case Rose Quartz that has been heated with extreme high temperatures with gold, silver or platinum minerals.

The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals are then bonded.

This is a modern day form of alchemy which the purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer quartz. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance and colours.

With all these powerful healers combined the energies are uplifting but not overwhelming.

You decide if it’s for you, but please reflect on this explanation that I compare it too.

We as humans wear makeup, colour our hair, paint our nails, and layer on everything to enhance our appearance often. We are the same soul within. Our energy does not change. It simply can’t. Our soul is our soul.

So, when a crystal is dyed or has been enhanced with other minerals or heat, why do we call it fake?

The same energy within that Quartz or Lemurian or whatever crystal is used, is still there! It’s simply amplified and even more uplifting.

I hope you have enjoyed this, and please message if I can help with any crystal question or healing.


Candle Care  is so very important!

Candle Care is so very important!


Looking after your natural candles is so important for their longevity and to avoid simple problems.

Follow our simple steps and advice below and yours will burn beautifully from start to finish everytime.

~ Never burn a candle longer than 4 hours, this helps the flame from becoming too large and burning the fragrance away.

~ Always ensure you trim the wick after every use. This helps stop that mushroom shape and black smoke.

~ Trimming the wick allows a clean burn and prevents it leaning into the hot wax, which causes uneven melting.

~ Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame, don’t blow it out.

~ Snuffers help prevent excess smoke and smell, and also prevents hot wax damaging your furniture!

~ Never burn the wax right to the bottom of the candle, this can cause the glass or coconut to crack from excess heat.

Now you have some easy care tips, I wish you much relaxation and aromatherapy benefits these natural creations are going to share with you.

Blessed Be Kelli 

White Sage ~ are you honouring those Ashes?

White Sage ~ are you honouring those Ashes?

This post is for those of us who choose to use White Sage or other Herb Bundles for our Cleansing rituals.

White Sage Smudging has been used by the beautiful Indigenous American Tribes for ceremonies and healings. It is a sacred plant, and treated with respect always.

White Sage or various herbs are burned using fire, which is a symbol of strength, and renewal. The smoke is fanned using a feather. Feathers in turn, are sacred gifts from birds. Birds are believed to be Messengers, flying between our Worlds, and the higher spiritual realms. Birds are believed to carry messages from our Ancestors, and loved ones. Using a feather, captures your thoughts and prayers and carries them into the next World, for your loved ones.

Next comes the ashes from the burnt and used Sage or herb. Please do not discard it into the trash! This is disrespectful. It is not a waste product. It is a transformation of the plant it once was.

Allow your White Sage ashes to cool, and empty them back into Mother Earth or a pot plant filled with soil. This honours the plant that grew, and gives Mother Earth gratitude for her fertile soils in which the herbs grew. Always give thanks to both.

Gratitude is something that should always be done after smudging, it is a sign of respect for the gift we have received. 

You may just notice that the patch of earth you continue to empty your ashes onto, seems healthier than other areas! You may also notice that your pot plants thrive with the extra benefits of the sage, they are receiving.

I hope you all enjoy this little snippet of information, and I hope that you all start using this method of recycling your sage ashes. 

Blessed Be Kelli 🏹xx

Mystical Magick Labradorite

Mystical Magick Labradorite

 The Native American Inuit people have long been fascinated with Labradorite & I understand why.

They believe it to be from the coloured lights of the Aurora trapped inside the rocks. I believe this also.

There are a few legends that tell the story differently, depending on the people and their version of folklore. I love the following...

They believe the stars to once have lived on Mother Earth beneath the Sky and Aurora lights, in the rocks. A warrior then came along with a big hammer, strongly hit the stones to release the stars back to the heavens. The ones remaining share the power of Labradorite with us. 

With her magickal and mystical appeal, and vibrations it’s no wonder my heart skips a beat everytime I see a piece! 

Runes using them for Divination and Insight

Runes using them for Divination and Insight

I follow a Pagan Path and am a huge lover of these ancient symbols and their meanings.

These are Elder Farthark Runes shown in the photo. 

Rune stones are used as tools of divination and magick - a way to predict one's future. Rune Stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They can be made of different materials, these hold the extra energies of natural gemstone vibrations. They are always kept in a pouch, box or Offering Bowl.

Ideally ruins are cast on an East-West axis or facing the sun. A white cloth is laid down and used to determine the direction of the casting. I use a wooden Wicca board for mine, and you may also use the natural ground, grass or table if preferred. The same area should be used where possible as this builds the energy and gives you a sacred space to manifest and tune in your vibrations to that of the Runes.

From here the focus should lie with the pressing question. After casting the stones onto the cloth, board, ground or table the ones which have fallen the right side up are read and depending upon whether the rune is reversed or not will have a bearing upon its meaning and the reading as a whole. If they are facing down this indicates something you have that needs to be brought to the surface instead of being hidden within.

An alternative to casting the rune stones ...

Pick a rune stone randomly for a day reading, this sets your daily energy and mindset. Without looking reach into your pouch or bowl and choose the runes for your current vibration

You also do a 3 Rune Stone spread. Some feel that the day rune is a good way to get an answer to a single question. The 3 Rune Spread is used for asking future predictive questions.

We have books available with wonderful information, and they are invaluable to help your knowledge expand.

Please bless and protect yourself and your Stones before each ritual and casting. 

Crystals resonating with our Zodiac

Crystals resonating with our Zodiac

Do you follow your horoscope? Do you find certain crystals that resonate with you more so than others? 

Crystals each have an Element of Nature they connect with just as we do like Fire, Water, Earth, Air. We can choose crystals similar in energy with us, to get some healing benefits.

When choosing crystals, and if you love following your horoscope and you exhibit strong traits of it, choose a similar vibration. For example if you are emotional choose a stone like Rose Quartz which is balancing for emotions/hormones. If you are energetic choose something like Carnelian! The list is endless....

But also keep in mind you may be drawn to completely opposite stones and these can bring great benefits to your self, if you need to introduce changes or wish to stop negative behaviour traits for example. Stones like Black Obsidian are perfect for this and may make you feel uneasy, but this can be a wonderful thing, which in turn helps you move forward and change for the better.

We have gorgeous Healing Pouches I have created and they feature a Rose Quartz worry stone engraved with your zodiac sign, along with a trio of tumble stones that connect  with a few of your star sign behaviours and traits! 


Using Moon Phases for Crystal Charging

Using Moon Phases for Crystal Charging

There is always something written about Full Moon for charging our crystals. But, did you know that we can utilise every phase of her lunar energy with every changing form she takes on? Yes it’s true! Read on my friends. 

New Moon is a favourite of mine, and I started our business on this very phase. It’s about renewal and new beginnings. Crystals to use include, Rainbow Moonstone, Quartz & Labradorite.

Waxing Moon is a phase before full. This is a time to start thinking of areas you need to change, banish negativity if necessary and prepare for renewal. Crystals to use include, fluorite, kyanite & bloodstone. 

Full Moon is a time of very intense energy and a lot can be negatively affected during this period. Insomnia, mood swings and feeling drained may occur. Or we may feel energised and the exact opposite! Crystals to use include, Carnelian, Amethyst & Mookaite.

Waning Moon sees us winding down and going within to rest and reflect. The intensity has passed, and the energy begins to calm and relax. Crystals to use include Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate.

The same applies to making Moon Water for consumption or cleansing rituals. It doesn’t have to be a full moon to enjoy it. Make it during every phase and enjoy the changing energy you receive. We constantly evolve and change just as she does....


Ritual, Spell or Wish Candles and how to use them

Ritual, Spell or Wish Candles and how to use them

If you are just embarking on the path of Witchcraft it can be confusing, with so much information and books to choose from! Spells are always a popular subject, but they should always be performed with respect, moderate experience and understanding and your intent must never be that of purely personal gain. Choose to serve and help others before yourself. But, you can call for assistance in a life matter that needs help from our Gods or Goddesses. To empower yourself and make it happen, really helps get energy and intentions happening. This is a true part of being Pagan and following your Ancestors.

Candle colours correspond to various intentions and health or problems we may have, just like our crystals correspond to our chakras. Choosing your colour and other tools is important for the best outcome. 

Ensure you are grounded, protected and mindful. Do not perform any spell or healing work if you feel ill, depressed or you are not grounded/balanced. That can be a disaster! As when working with elements and  other worldly energy there is always the opportunity to attract lower astral planes. Always vibrate high and healthy my sister witches! 

We have single ritual candles, with a shorter burn time, this allows them to burn to the end of the spell without taking too many hours! I do list a simple spell on our website which connects with the energy of each candle. Our larger candles  also contain a little spell on them to recite as it burns. I recommend using our candle Snuffer to extinguish your flame, never blow candles out!!

Using the Element of Fire is a powerful choice and fire shares energy of concentration, relaxation and higher energy. It attracts good to your sacred space. For this reason, I use a candle in all Reiki/Crystal Healings I perform.

So Mote it Be....Kelli xx


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