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Chakras and how they Work

Chakras and how they Work

Chakra is from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” we have several of these energy centres within our body

Chakras are spinning energy wheels that keep us healthy and balanced in daily life

They are in 7 different areas from our Root to our Crown.

They are aligned with our main energy channel and run parallel with the spine. Each chakra vibrates a particular colour frequency and we can use crystals of similar colour to boost their power

If a block, stagnant energy or hole appears in our auric fields or chakras this causes dis-ease

This will cause imbalance from within and we may get symptoms of this problem in our physical body, we don’t want this to happen!

Crystal healing provides natural energy vibrations and allows the body to self heal, by triggering responses 

Crystals programmed for healing by us can assist your etheric, mental, physical and astral bodies keeping them balanced

Each coloured crystal connects with its chakra to bring the healing vibrations needed for spiritual and emotional and health

Reiki Healing & How it Works

Reiki Healing & How it Works

Reiki? Ever wondered what it is and how to say it?
“Ray Key” is the correct way to pronounce it.

Reiki is a higher Universal healing from the source. It 
may be felt through the body, even though we can’t physically see it being transferred. Reiki Masters who have been attuned like myself from a Reiki Lineage of Masters are able to send this healing to where it’s needed. It’s as effective via distant healing as it is, if I was in person with you.

You simply need to accept the healing that is being offered. Your higher Spirit Guides and the Universe send this energy to where you most require it. I simply act as the vessel for the energy to come through and be passed to the client. Sensations & emotions may vary, some feel heat, tingling, sometimes even an increase in condition, then healing occurs over the following days. Always stay hydrated after a healing and take time to rest where needed. 

I cleanse and Reiki infuse all our products with highest healing and goodness. 

Reiki Distant Healing works on energy and timelessness for we are all connected.

Benefits of regular healings are:

Stress reduction

Decreasing pain

Improved Sleep

Balancing Chi within our body

Boost immunity and health

Eases Anxiety

I offer Distant Reiki Crystal Healings every week which includes a 30 - 60 minute session, custom crystal healing pouch and email of your healing and crystal properties. Visit our website to purchase. 

Crystals and Plants

Crystals and Plants

Crystals and Plants are a perfect combination, they compliment our home decor and provide health benefits. Many indoor plants have air purifying properties which is wonderful. By adding some crystals to their pot it gets even better. Perfect choices are Moss & Tree Agate as these promote healthy new growth for seedlings or established plants. So next time a crystal breaks, don’t throw it out, instead replant it and let it recharge in soil. In turn your plants will thrive on the crystal vibrations and both live in harmony. I also place crystals outdoors for protection and in the gardens. When doing the above please ensure you use crystals that tolerate water and outside elements! Quartz & natural Agate will thrive in both conditions. As shown I use our beautiful candle holders for my succulents around our home. The results gorgeous vibes everyday!

Manifesting & Feeling Witchy

Manifesting & Feeling Witchy

I get asked often “How do I Manifest something?” my reply get your Witch vibes out & make it happen! It’s easy. Focus with some high vibration crystals like Natural Quartz Points, Pyramid Forms, Sodalite or Amethyst. These are some energies that activate our Third Eye & open our spiritual self. Concentrate your thoughts by candlelight using the Element of Fire & send that intent out into the Universe. Be simple & don’t ramble! Starting a Vision Board is another positive step, & by placing a crystal like Citrine beside it we attract all that is good to us. Try using our Wish Ritual Candles and choose the colour that resonates with your current desire. So Mote it Be! 

Crystal Facial Rollers for Glowing Skin

Crystal Facial Rollers for Glowing Skin

These ancient healers have been used by many a Goddess for glowing healthy skin. I use mine every morning and night. Use the roller with essential oils, serum or facial moisturisers, a few minutes is all you need

The benefits include : 

~ increase blood circulation to the skin

~ decrease tension in facial muscles

~ remove toxins causing darkness & puffiness

~ improve lymphatic drainage 

~ use over fine lines to encourage elasticity and firmness

~ increase skin renewal for brighter luminous skin

~ pamper yourself with Mother Earth, natural non invasive healing 

For radiance and removing puffiness use the roller the following way:

Place your roller in the fridge for a beautiful cooling effect, this freshens and reduces puffiness in the morning

Direct the roller moving the crystal towards the outer edge of the face, then down to your neck, use morning and night if you desire

For Fine Lines or Sagging Skin use the roller the following way:

Combined with your facial serum, preferred moisturiser or essential oil

This will smooth the product evenly into the skin whilst massaging at the same time

For dark circles or bags/puffiness under the eye use the roller the following way: 

Use the smaller end which has been in the fridge, the cooling sensation will brighten and help constrict blood vessels and lighten dark circles. Move the roller from the nose towards the outer edge of your cheeks gently 

I also find it beneficial If you have a headache, to place an amethyst tumble stone on your forehead for 10 minutes and then alternate to the cold roller (out fridge).

The sensation is calming natural relief, especially if your headache is caused by stress. Rose quartz is beneficial if you get hormonal headaches. Amethyst is beneficial for stress related headaches and anxiety.

If you have facial pain use the roller the following way:

Start near your nose and work outwards to your ears and down to your neck, use the size which suits you best. The neck is best using the larger roller. 

This crystal should be cleansed and charged, like all crystals. This keeps them energised and healing us 

To clean, simply rinse under cold water or wipe gently with a damp towel after showering

Yoni Eggs Healing

Yoni Eggs Healing

Release your inner Goddess

These eggs work with our Sacral Chakras to help build our feminine Kundlini energies and rise them through our body.

Yoni Eggs are a simple way to increase your pelvic floor muscles and bring strength to your muscles. When used daily they will bring benefits that are long lasting.

The egg is held in place using your pelvic floor muscles. If you find you cannot hold them simply use whilst sitting or laying down for 10 minutes a day until your strength is increased.

Begin with the largest size egg and progress to the smaller or after childbirth. The benefits of these eggs are stronger muscles, lubrication and increased sensation in your pelvic region

White Sage Smudging

White Sage Smudging

Californian USA grown authentic wildcrafted sage, is sustainably harvested 

This ancient cleanser is the original, also referred to as Grandfather Sage it may be used in ceremonies, sacred spaces and for prayers

Native American cultures have used this method of cleansing and healing along with medicine men and Shamans

I have Native American heritage from my Father and Grandfather and this is my favourite natural method of cleansing our home and crystals

Light your Smudge and gently blow to create the smoke, this will now be transferred to your surrounds to remove stagnant energy, evil, illness and lower negative vibes

Traditionally a natural feather and abalone shell are used together. I highly recommend this, as they enhance the protection and powers of the white sage and your intentions

Walk to each room of your home to purify your surrounds with the smouldering sage

Place your Abalone Shell in your left hand with the sage resting in your shell and use the feather in your right hand to disperse smoke to all corners. Speak your pure intent for cleansing your desired space

Always give thanks to Great Spirit & The Universe for their presence, protection and guidance

Once cleansing has finished extinguish your sage by putting in sand or the earth. I usually leave mine to smoulder out naturally

Place on a heat proof surface or leave in your Abalone Shell or Smudge Bowl when not in use

You may cleanse your home, car, pets, jewellery and crystals as frequently as you wish

Some FACTS and BENEFITS about using White Sage Smudge Sticks:

~ they provide a relaxed frame of mind by calming our senses with the aroma of fresh mountain air/trees

~ our energy is increased with the negative ions produced by the sage smoke, this helps counteract the excess positive ions we have around us all the time

~ clearer air free of bacteria, pollen, dust, and mould spores, so less allergic conditions

~ clearer mental focus with clear breathing

~ improved sleep patterns

~ natural antidepressant, the smell triggers our mind to mountains, outdoors and healing nature scents

~ perfect antibacterial tool instead of chemical sprays. In cooler months when the family  get colds or flus, burn sage with windows closed to increase the antibacterial benefits in your home

Orgones/Orgonite Power & Protection

Orgones/Orgonite Power & Protection

 These Orgone Pyramids are absolutely stunning in their creation. Each is unique and hand made with the crystals being added within along with their copper spiral and metals.  They are all set in clear resin.

Orgones are a powerhouse of energies to be tapped into.

They are spiritual tools that bring the following metaphysical benefits:

peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming

deeper meditation

harmony and balance

aligns our auric fields for healing

balances our Chakras for free flow energies

protects from wifi and emf emissions 

keeps food and supplements fresh

Energy Vampires & Psychic Protection

Energy Vampires & Psychic Protection

Looking for some psychic protection or want to ward off negativity in your surrounds?These crystals protect us by activating our Root, Third Eye & Crown Chakras. Protective crystals featured are Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Ametrine and Apache Tear. I created this combination to work together in harmony. When using crystals for protection always have them cleansed, charged and programmed, so they have strong vibrations. These stones work by surrounding us in white light, balancing our spirituality with sun and moon energy and bringing earthy grounding vibes to keep us balanced with harmony.
Crystal Healing & how it works

Crystal Healing & how it works

Crystal Healing - ever wondered if it really works? I am an Accredited Crystal Healer/Therapist and I take it seriously. Crystal healing works on our 4 bodies. Every living thing has a vibration energy. Crystals work by sending or moving energy to our Etheric and Auric field not just our physical body. The Etheric body is a fine grey mist located about 4 inches around our physical self. It collects good and bad vibes daily. When healing we treat this area so if problems arise crystals can help move blocked or stagnant energies before they become physical. Chakra balancing is a great way to keep your body balanced and in harmony. Message me for further information or questions you may have, I am happy to assist.