Collection: Carvings. Spirit Animals. Skulls

 Crystals generate a special energy and the form they are in has a huge impact on this!!

The crystal energy of each piece is amplified by the animal / figurine carving

~ Spirit / Totem animals are messengers for us, they give us strength and intuition when needed

~ Angels bring us harmony, peace, love  and protective energies

~ Gem Trees bring stability, growth, abundance and longevity! Stand tall, strong and be grounded into our Mother Earth. Feel your roots and be proud! 

~ Skulls 

Crystal Skulls are very spiritually evolved ancient healers and powerful energies to keep

They are believed to hold other worldly energies, and will communicate when you make a connection with them

In folklore, they are considered to hold magick and healing qualities

Allow these ancient healing tools to bring peace, knowledge and enlightenment 

Crystal Skulls are not gloom and doom or death as many perceive, they are actually quite the opposite with so much to share! 

Allow something to grab your attention! Sometimes you don’t even know you need it!