Collection: Silver Poison Lockets. Meditation. Spinner Rings.

All our jewellery is made by beautiful silversmiths who have been able to keep working and retain their jobs, during the World pandemic of Covid. We have been working closely with them for the past 5 years.

Our business helps them donate and help those less fortunate in their country. For us, this is small business helping small business! 

Poison Lockets or Pillbox Lockets have been used since the 16th Century in Europe.

They were used to conceal and then slip either poison or another drug substance easily into an enemies drink or food. I don’t condone this behaviour in our day and age, please!

You may use your locket to carry small keepsakes, lockets of hair, written notes, manifestations or even small crystal chips of protection.

 Meditation Rings are based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels.

Using these principles Meditation/spinner Rings are created to move when touched.

This release good endorphins and helps calm our emotions and thoughts.

They also may help reduce anxiety for this very reason

Folklore has it these rings bring their keeper good luck, abundance, serenity, and peace

PLEASE NOTE: Meditation rings contain mixed metals. This creates natural oxidisation of the metals and silver used. It is NOT tarnish and is a natural characteristic of this style!  

You’ll notice that we create many of our SweetGrass Studio designs using Patina on the silver which is a blackish colour. This is a widely used process in many South West Native American jewellery designs. 


~ For change of mind 

~ also for hygiene reasons

We operate in accordance with the Fair Trading Act of QLD 

All jewellery has a warranty period of 6 months from date of purchase.

If a breakage occurs, a stone cracks, etc we will replace or repair if possible. Otherwise a refund will be given excluding original postage charges. 

If your silver becomes damaged, breaks or tarnishes we are not responsible after this time frame we offer. Please consider this before purchasing with us!

Jewellery is a personal item and the way it’s treated makes a big impact on its longevity! 


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All these rings are shown with sizing based on US measurements, most are one off designs

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All our jewellery has a warranty period of 6 months. Please follow our care instructions of no water ever! We aren’t liable if you damage your jewellery due to misuse of wearing body creams, lotions, perfumes or swimming  etc…